Products name

1.2m³ Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Product description

Every day works at least save three workers.

Without mixer every day can save power 100°.

No need to use concrete truck.

No need to use loader feeding.

Date of complete

Motorcycle Shape size (L x W x H):6400×2550×2650

Wheelbase (mm):2400

The quality of service (kg):4185

Driving form:orque converter

Maximum speed (km/h):30

Maximum climbing degree (degree): 30°

Minimum turning radius (mm):4700

Minimum ground clearance (mm):280


Model: Quanchai 4B2-75m22

Rated power: 55kw

Transmission case

Model: ZL-265 gearbox

Gear: 4 forward 4 back

Conventional parameters

Equipment model: JBC-12

Maintain the amount of annotation

Fuel tank: 63 liters

Total hydraulic system capacity: 63 liters

Oil: 16 liters

Parameters of hydraulic system

Reducer: KY07-2-0

Pump: FC 50/40

Motor: BM5-160

Water supply system parameters

Tank volume: 400L

Water supply: time relay

Stirring and unloading

The double-cone roller has a double helical agitating screw and a convex bottom.

Drum geometric capacity: ..... 1700L
Drum rotation speed: ...... .13 rpm
Concrete yield: .......... 1.2 m3 / can

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