Products name

Model 4YZP-2L Crawler Corn Harvester

Product description

Model 4YZP-2L Crawler Corn Harvester




This machine could complete the operations of picking, peeling and straw returning for mature corn in one time, and adopts the track design to reduce the gravity center of vehicle and increase the stability. The automatic balancing system increases the safety of harvesting in sloping fields; while the design of the trans- mission shaft eliminates the risk of losing the chain. The large-capacity hydraulic side-tipping fruit box is practical and convenient. It is driven by Chinese Top Brand powerful engine. Thanks to its compact structure, flexibility, reliable work and high efficiency, it is suitable for all kinds of terrain.


* A high-power deslagging fan is installed to make the harvest clean.

* Increase the granary and reduce the number of unloading of grain.

* Simple operation, hydraulic steering and one-rod control.

* Extra fan is installed in the recovery granary, and the cleanliness of the grain has thus been improved.

* The height of harvesting platform is reduced, and short straw corn can be harvested.

* The transmission system is greatly improved, reducing the noise of transmission box and the failure rate.

* The fully enclosed supporting roller is sturdy and durable.


Main Technical Parameter




Number of Rows Harvested

2 Rows

Row Spacing


Operation Width


Grain Impurity Rate


Grain Breakage Rate


Diesel Engine Power

52 KW (70HP)

Diesel Engine Brand


Total Weight

3820 Kg

Overall Size

5090 x 1470 x 2650 mm



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