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Model 2F-30 Self-propelled Multifunctional Ditching & Fertilizing Machine


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Product Details

Model 2F-30

Self-propelled Multifunctional Ditching & Fertilizing Machine




Model 2F-30 self-propelled multifunctional fertilizer applicator is the latest invention patent product developed by our company with 9 patents. This machine features multi functions including ditching, fertilizing, backfilling, rotary tillage, weeding, spraying insecticide, straw returning, bulldozing and other functions etc. It is mainly used in ditching, fertilizing, organic fertilizing, ploughing, spraying insecticide, weeding and draining in orchard. The machine is small in size, flexible in operation, and can be turned in situ. The gears are divided into 6 forward gears (with high and low speed) and 2 reverse gears, which can be manually operated on the left side of machine. This machine is driven by 30, 35 0r 36 HP single-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine. Full gear transmission ensures durability of machine. The rubber track is used for walking. The straightness and passability of walking are good, and it is not easy to slip. The grooving knife is made of 65 manganese steel, and the blades are all firmly welded with wear-resistant welding rods. The fertilization adopts the JIAOLONG-type forced fertilizing. The amount of fertilizer is adjustable with 0-15 kg per meter. The dried small piece of cow and sheep's manure can be directly fertilized by the automatic backfilling device, and the large piece of farmyard manure can be fertilized by separate ditching.

The imported air-feed anti-drip double-head nozzle and the high-efficiency pump are adopted in the insecticide spraying operation. The nozzle can be individually switched, adjustable in size and direction. The ceramic piece can be replaced. The atomization effect is good, and it is quite economical. The pesticide box is made of 304 stainless steel, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. At present, the machine has been widely used in the orchard management of various economic crops such as fruit trees, grapes and walnuts etc. As it is high in work standardization and not lazy, it is favored by the majority of fruit farmers.


Main Technical Parameter




Ditching Width

30 cm

Ditching Depth

0~40 cm

Working Depth

0~35 cm

Rotary Tillage Width

105 cm (customizable)

Weeding Width

95 cm

Backfilling Width

155 cm

Pesticide Box Capacity

300 Liters (300Kg)

Fertilizing Speed

300~1200 m/h

Fertilizing Amount

0~6 Liters/m

Diesel Engine Power

30HP / 35HP / 36HP

Diesel Engine Brand


Total Weight

750 Kg

Overall Size

2490 x 930 x 850 mm


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