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Model ZDC225 Crawler Excavator



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Product Details



Product Introduction


 Model ZDC225 Crawler Excavatoris a kind of unique vehicle for excavating operation with operating weight of 21,500Kg. This excavator adopts ISUZU engine and imported main pump, which features unique design, high working efficiency and durable working performance. It is an ideal on site construction machinery configured for superior performance with low fuel consumption and a wide scope of application.


Technical Parameters


Operating Range &Performance

Maximum diggingheight(mm)


Maximum digging depth (mm)

6630 mm

Maximum digging radius (mm)

9910 mm

Maximum dumping height (mm)

6810 mm

Digging force of bucket rod

97 KN

Bucket digging force

144 KN

Maximum walking speed

5.5 km/h

Maximum grade ability




Isuzu (Japan), CC-6BG1TRP

Engine output power

128.5KW / 2100 rpm


6-cylinder, Turbo charged, water cooled

Emission Standard

Euro III

Vehicle parameters

Operating weight

21,500 Kg

Overall size

9510 x 2990 x 3030 mm

Minimum ground clearance

600 mm

Length of bucket rod

2900 mm

Swing arm length

5700 mm

Bucket capacity

1.0 CBM

Bucket width

1180 mm

Back end revolving radius

2750 mm

Total width of pedrail

2990 mm

Caterpillar board width

600 mm

Total length of pedrail

4440 mm

Width of the vehicle

2390 mm

Full height of the cab

3000 mm

Hydraulic system

Main pump

Axial piston pump imported fromKorea

Rotary motor

Revolving device imported fromKorea,

Imported Kawasaki

Walking motor

Imported TM40VD from Korea

Control valve

Korean Parker

Transport parameters

Total transportation height

2660 mm

Total width of transportation

1240 mm

Total transport length

6144 mm

Optional accessories:

Crusher pipe

Fast connector

Rotary drill



l  360 degree driving vision, imported air conditioning, brand seat, South Korea Eaton joystick, centralized switch design

l  The upper and lower plates of the chassis adopt integral cutting technology to improve the stability and durability of the vehicle and effectively improve the cracking problem caused by poor welding in the field.

l  The design concept of wide gauge and long track makes the weight distribution more reasonable, improves the side lifting force, and the heavy load operation is more stable.

l  Optimized design with low speed and high torque, using imported Isuzu 6BG1 classic engine from Japan

l  1m³ reinforced bucket, increase the thickness of the plate at key parts, and adopt advanced manufacturing technology to improve durability

l  Imported TM40VD mobile device from South Korea, providing more powerful walking drive, making the climbing of mines and other rugged areas smoother


l  Optimized cooling system, intercooler added, and greatly increase the engine power

l  Hydraulic system, Japan imported KYB main control valve + South Korea imported rotary device, perfectly matched Isuzu engine, high power durability, efficient operation




l  The above parameters are possible to change due to design improvement, so the parameters of your ordered machine maybe different with the above information.Please accept it without advance notification for the parameters improvement.


Our advantages: 

Our crawler excavatorworks through a brutal test of Chinese construction sites,and we have full confidence in our machines to be with best quality and high efficiency. We believe that our crawler excavator could bring excellent experience for you.


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Warranty: one year

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