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How to keep the small concrete mixing tank insulated?




Small concrete mixing tank is a common construction vehicle now, and it is mostly suitable for small construction.

The small concrete mixing tank needs to ensure its own temperature when it is working. If it is too cold or the temperature is too high, it will cause damage to the quality of the equipment and also cause problems in its working efficiency. On the issue of temperature, what should we do to be the best measure?

1. Aggregate silo in the equipment: The insulation of the aggregate silo is mainly to set up a thermal insulation shed, and the height of the thermal insulation shed must meet the loading height of the loader.
2. Belt conveyor in the equipment: The insulation of the belt conveyor is mainly covered with thermal insulation cotton or cold-proof felt to prevent the heat loss of sand and gravel.
3. Mixing main engine: According to the characteristics of the mixing tank truck, the mixing main engine is located in the mixing building. When winter comes, the surrounding area of ​​the mixing building is tightly closed, and the interior is heated by 2KW heating pipes. The specific number of heating pipes installed depends on the temperature.
4. Before the main mixer in the equipment is started, the mixer must check whether the movements of each component are flexible, and heat the mixer reducer to prevent the start-up load from burning out the control electrical appliances.
The above are the thermal insulation measures for small concrete mixing tanks compiled by Xiaobian, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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