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Unexpectedly, there are so many black technologies in self-loading mixer trucks




Everyone is often on the construction site, and those who do the work must be well aware of how important time is for concrete. If the delivery truck leaves the mixing station, if the delivery time is too long, it will affect the slump of the concrete and cause Not up to the standard required for construction. Today I will introduce a good thing to you, the self-loading mixer truck of Zhongke Jufeng. Now it is an advanced mixer truck in China, which can minimize the adverse effect of time on concrete, and can be produced at any time and used at any time. , the process of mixing station can be completely saved. Jufeng self-loading mixer truck integrates various functions. One truck can complete the production, mixing, transportation and other operations of concrete. The body has its own electronic scale, and the specific value can be clearly seen in the cab, which can be used at any time. It is not difficult to adjust the ratio and add water. Because it has a large-capacity water tank and the car body is equipped with a Yuchai engine, many terrains can be easily dealt with.

The traditional self-loading mixer truck can only be used for mixing, but the fully automatic mixer truck manufactured by Zhongke Jufeng can not only rotate 270 degrees horizontally, but also discharge materials in any direction of the body. This self-loading mixer truck works It can be easily operated with only two workers, and the workers do not need to consume too much effort, only need to operate the program and do some auxiliary work.

Since this truck can be automatically loaded, it can greatly improve the output value and efficiency. It can produce 140 cubic meters of concrete every day, and the daily gross profit is around 10,000 yuan. This is a good helper to save time and effort. In fact, it can be produced at any time and used at any time, and there is no need for a mixing station.



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